Introducing Green International University

Madinah Foundation is a philanthropic organization founded by Haji Muhammad Saleem (Late) with the vision of “Industry, Service, Education”. The foundation is dedicated to serving humanity in various sectors including health and education.

We feel honored that appreciating our mission to provide excellent education and disseminate the knowledge for a better world, the Government of Punjab has awarded Madinah Foundation the charter for establishing the Green International University at Lahore on 4th June 2020.

Green International University is committed to providing quality education, research and innovation in the present transformation of the global economy towards a knowledge economy. The university will adopt such strategies through which it may lead to excellence in academic and research pursuits as per its vision and mission. We will try our level best to provide our students with opportunities to develop a global mindset by establishing international collaborations. We look forward to proudly empower and groom the youth of Pakistan to launch upon an exciting professional career by inculcating a sense of achievement for meeting competitive global challenges and, contribute to the socio-economic development and prosperity of Pakistan.

(published on 11/02/2020)
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